Sponsor a CME session

Expose your brand to UK healthcare professionals by sponsoring bespoke CME lectures and training.

  • The Fratrem Group manage the NHS CME site and are an accredited CPD/CME provider of online education for UK healthcare professionals and is regulated by the UK based CPD Standards Office.
  • The NHS CME has a database of around 40,000 healthcare professionals, NHS and private, in the UK.
  • The Fratrem Group can segment its database and invite specific audiences such as GPs or Oncologists, in the UK.
  • The invites are all branded and runs a minimum of 6 weeks prior to any online lecture or training.
  • Company brands can reach their desired audience by working with the NHS CME team.
  • Bespoke educational content is created that complies with the CME rules and regulations.
  • Contact the Fratrem Group to have a conversation to learn more.