MASTERCLASS: Advancing the Business of Health with Blockchain Technology

Event Dates:

2:00 pm Monday 23rd Oct 2023

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  • Earn CME credits.
  • Receive guidance for evolving business environments with solutions and services
  • Learn what strategies, trends, and services are worthy of adoption and investment
  • Discern what technologies are viable for your company and budget
  • Gain insights and expert opinion changing the healthcare paradigm and business arena
  • Obtain a competitive edge for your business, implementations, and strategy plans
  • Bridge the gap between research and real world applications


– Payors, Hospital Leadership, and Clinicians
– Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Generic, and Medical Device Manufacturers
– Public Health Officials
– University Researchers, Profs, Deans, and Students
– Population and Precision Health Leaders


Time:                  2:15 PM             

Topic:                 Platform Launch Lessons Learned and Outlook (45 mins)

Presenter:        Natalia Sofia

Presenter Bio:                    

Natalia graduated with a PharmD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2017. She then graduated with a Dual MSc in Drug Sciences and Toxicology in 2020. Natalia worked in Blockchain Lead Clinical Operations, and as a Senior Clinical Data Manager in Global Data Operations for MSD Switzerland, before undertaking her current role at Takeda. She has many Blockchain and other Digital Technology certifications, and she also an eDigital Group Contributor for the ACDM.

 Learning outcomes:

  • Lessons learned to address internal and external challenges
  • Examine the global market for ePI.
  • Market prioritization strategy.
  • and provide different perspectives on the future of PLA.


Time:                  3 PM

Topic:                  Harnessing Blockchain for Distributed Manufacturing of Medicines (40 mins)

Presenter:          John Ward

Presenter Bio:

Graduated from Technological University Dublin in 2012 with a BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Science with Chemistry. John also obtained a Higher Diploma in Science Computing from the National College of Ireland in 2023. He worked in Commissioning and Qualification for Narooma and led a team as product owner for Pfizer’s KM Mobile application throughout the Pfizer global supply network, before founding ServBlock in 2021. John is also an Expert Committee Member for the National Standards Authority of Ireland on NSAI/TC 2/SC 16 Blockchain and electronic distributes ledger technologies.

Learning outcomes:      

  • How blockchain enables decentralized production facilities, secure collaboration, and supply chain efficiency.
  • Concerns related to quality control, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property protection in the context of distributed manufacturing, and the role of blockchain in combating global counterfeit medicines including how blockchain-based solutions can enable secure product authentication, track and trace capabilities, and provide real-time visibility throughout the supply chain.
  • Adoption roadblocks and explore strategies and concerns related to scalability, interoperability, data privacy, and regulatory frameworks.
  • Future outlook for collaboration opportunities among cross border stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, technology providers, and research institutions will close the session.


Time:                  3:40 pm

Topic:                  Secure and Sustainable Software Engineering Framework for Healthcare Blockchain Applications (20 mins)

Presenter:        Professor Muthu Ramachandran

Presenter Bio:

Professor Ramachandran graduated from Madurai Kamaraj University with both a BSc and MSc in Physics. He also has a MTech in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras. In 1992, he was awarded a PhD in Software Engineering from Lancaster University.

Professor Ramachandran started his career as a Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University. He spent eight years in industrial research at Philips Research Labs and subsequently at Volantis Systems Ltd, where he worked on various research consultancy projects including software testing and large-scale software architecture design for telecommunications systems using SDLC. Professor Ramachandran served almost 20 years as Principal Lecturer (Associate Professor) at Leeds Beckett University where he taught, led research, and conducted workshops in software engineering. Professor Ramachandran is a Fellow of the BCS, Fellow of the HEA, Senior Member of the IEEE and Senior Member of the ACM. He has also successfully supervised more than 30 PhD students. He has also published two books, and has widely authored published journal articles, book chapters and conferences materials on various advanced topics in software engineering and education. He is also invited speaker on several international conferences.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the current trends in healthcare blockchain applications (HBCAs)
  • To identify some of the key characteristics of Blockchain relevant to HBCAs
  • To understand the security, sustainability, and software engineering approach in HBCAs Framework (S3EF-HBCAs)
  • To understand Requirements Engineering for S3EF-HBCAs
  • To acquire knowledge on Domain Classification for Blockchain Applications


Time:                  4 PM

Topic:                  Crypto-Secure Data Management for Healthcare (30 mins)

Presenter:          Wei Hu

Presenter Bio:

Senior Vice President of Development for High Availability and Emerging Technologies. Wei leads the development of mission critical database capabilities including Maximum Availability Architecture, Active Data Guard, Sharding, Flashback Database, Recovery, Buffer Cache, RAC Cache Fusion, and Advanced Queuing. Wei also leads the development of technologies related to Blockchain, Microservices, and Globally Distributed Databases. He is the high availability focus area leader responsible for driving high availability architectures and projects for Database, Middleware, SaaS, and PaaS. Previous roles include Senior Manager at Silicon Graphics and Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation at Honeywell Information Systems

Wei has B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has been with Oracle since 1998, holds more than 40 patents, and is the author and co-author of several books and papers.

Learning outcomes:

  • Breakthrough technology that deeply integrates blockchain into the database.
  • How to implement blockchain in mainstream healthcare and enterprise applications with minimal changes.
  • The threats posed by hackers and compromised insiders.
  • How in-database blockchain can protect your data against these threats.
  • Comparison against conventional blockchains as well as share use cases from customers who have adopted this technology.


Time:                  4:30 PM

Title:                   Data Economy in Healthcare on Blockchain Technology (20 min)

Presenter:        Kevin Yavuz

Presenter Bio:                    

Kevin graduated with a BSc and MSc in Chemistry and Business Studies from the University of Zurich. Prior to his current role at IBM, Kevin undertook two Internships at The Dow Chemical Company – the first in Supply Chain Management, and the second in Product Marketing for his Master Thesis. During his six years at IBM, he has worked in several consultancy roles in Data and Technology Transformation, Blockchain, and Digital Strategy and AI. Kevin’s areas and technologies of expertise include intelligent workflows, smart supply chains, user-centric design, agile development, data analytics/AI, blockchain/web3 and cloud computing, alongside coordinating global project teams and leading digital strategy and implementation projects in a cross-industry environment with focus on healthcare & life sciences. He has led initiatives such as Swiss Blockchain Adoption Study, IBM Swiss Blockchain Day 2019 and Digitisation & Sustainability Pulse Survey 2020 and has been a speaker at multiple public and academic events. Kevin has represented IBM at nation and global events and exhibitions.

 Learning outcomes:

  • The importance of data and digitization in healthcare.
  • advancements that have the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered.
  • How to improve patient outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and better decision-making by healthcare providers.
  • How Blockchain technology can play a significant role in addressing the main challenges like data accessibility, privacy, interoperability and patient empowerment.
  • How blockchain can transform the healthcare ecosystem into a data-driven economy.


Time:    4:50 PM

Topic:    Accelerating the Worldwide Adoption of Blockchain Technology (30 min).

Presenter: Raja Sharif

Presenter Bio:

Raja graduated from the University of Hull with an LLB Law Degree, and from the University of Nottingham with an LLM in International Trade, Finance and Banking. In 2017, Raja founded Farmatrust. Using Blockchain technology, FarmaTrust is creating a transparent, auditable, secure, global system to track genuine pharmaceutical products, providing confidence to patients and medical practitioners worldwide. As well as pharmaceutical supply chain services, FarmaTrust also provides cell/gene therapy treatments (personalised medicines) and clinical trials services. In 2020, Raja founded ATMPS Ltd. Where he created the patented blockchain based tech platform, Hataali, to revolutionize the way cell and gene therapies are ordered, scheduled, and administered across the world.

Prior to his involvement in Blockchain technology. Raja worked as a Strategy Implementation Manager for both AJ+ and the Al Jazeera Media Network, having previously worked as the Legal Advisor to the Director General at Al Jazeera. Raja also was VP, Director of International Affairs for the Al Noor Film Fund, and the Deputy CEO at Barwamedia, implementing the Smart city concept (to attract digital and media companies) in Qatar.

Learning outcomes:

  • A new approach to cell and gene therapy tracking.
  • How to streamline applications, payment options and opportunity.
  • Manufacturing safety and trust at scale.
  • Quicker method for personalized medicines and regimen treatments.


Time:                  5:20 PM

Topic:                 Impact of Blockchain-Digital Twin Technology on Precision Health, Pharma and Life Sciences (40 mins)

Presenter:          Tyler Cohan-Wood,

Presenter Bio:

Tyler is co-founder of Dark Cryptonite, a revolutionary Special Comms method of cybersecurity, and hosts My Connected Life: Digital Health Disrupted. She’s been recognized by Engati as a 2022 Top 50 Global Cybersecurity Influencer, included in Onalytica’s “2022 Top Cybersecurity Industry Key Opinion Leaders”, “2022 Who’s Who in Cybersecurity” and “2021 Top 10 Cybersecurity Keynote Speakers”, Cybercrime Magazine’s Top 30 Cybersecurity Experts to Follow, and was a finalist for 2021 Cybersecurity Woman of the Year.

As a keynote speaker, author, national security expert, and overall cyber authority, she is relied on to provide unique insight into cyber threats, cyber warfare, mitigating cyber risk, national security, and ensuring industries have the tools and knowledge they need to defend themselves in the digital world.

Tyler worked at the U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) under the DoD, serving as a Senior Intelligence Officer, Deputy Cyber Division Chief of the Special Communications Division. She has helped the White House, DoD, federal law enforcement, and the intelligence community thwart many threats to United States cyber security.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of digital twin technologies and their potential applications in precision health, pharma, and life sciences.
  • Identify the key drivers and benefits of adopting blockchain-powered digital twin technologies in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Explore the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain-powered digital twins and its impact on optimizing healthcare outcomes.


Time:                  6 PM

Topic:                  Pioneering New Business Models in Value Based Care (20 mins)

Presenter:        Ahmed Abdulla

Presenter Bio:

Ahmed graduated from the University of Wales (Cardiff) with a Master of Pharmacy Degree, and from the University of Sheffield with an MSc in Health Economics and Decision Modelling. Ahmed worked for International Healthcare Limited for 5 years before undertaking a Research Associate role in Health Economics at the University of Liverpool. He worked as a Global Health Economist in Global Pricing & Market Access for Roche developing health economic models for existing and pipeline products.

Ahmed founded DigiPharm in 2017 to help healthcare organisations automate the implementation of value-based procurement agreements for healthcare technologies and services, and to support Value-Based Procurement. In 2018, Ahmed became a member of the Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies (AGAT) – UN/CEFACT at United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. In 2021, Ahmed became a Committee Member of the TDABC in Healthcare Consortium.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of value-based care and its significance in the current healthcare environment.
  • Explore the real-world impact of value-based pricing on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
  • Examine the role of value-based procurement/contracting in driving cost-effective healthcare solutions.
  • Gain insights into health technology pricing models and their impact on value-based care initiatives.
  • Identify innovative business models that support value-based care and improve patient outcomes.


Time:                  6:20 PM

Topic:                  EHR Systems and Blockchain: Potentials, Challenges and the Road Ahead (60 mins)

Presenter:         Jim Poteet

Presenter Bio:

Jim graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering and Management. Prior to his current role, leading Revenue Cycle Engineers across the globe, Jim was the Chief Operating Officer/Vice President of Technology at EML, and the Senior Director, Revenue Cycle Development, Clearinghouse plus Services

Jim is a highly accomplished IT/operational executive with repeated success guiding cross-functional teams in the implementation, administration, and integration of leading-edge business solutions. He is recognized as a transformational leader that takes a hands-on approach to facilitate the development of new business opportunities and drive digital business development efforts. His talent for consulting and launching programs that generate high-impact business outcomes has served as a consistent catalyst to his success. He is a strategic business partner capable of adapting IT infrastructure and application landscapes.

 Learning objectives:

  • Understand the potential applications of blockchain for electronic health records (EHRs).
  • Explore the benefits and challenges of implementing blockchain for EHRs, including security, interoperability, privacy, and data integrity.
  • Identify key use cases and real-world examples of blockchain implementation in healthcare and EHR management.
  • Analyze the potential impact of blockchain on improving healthcare data exchange, patient consent management, and medical research.
  • Discuss the regulatory and legal considerations associated with using blockchain in healthcare, such as compliance with data protection laws and standards.


Time:                  7:20 PM

Topic:                  Zero Trust and Identity: Bridging the Gap in Healthcare with Decentralization (40 mins)

Presenter:          Rob van Kranenburg

Presenter Bio:   

Rob van Kranenburg is the Chief Innovation Officer at and has a long history of working with companies and organizations to promote internet of things technologies. Rob is the founder of Council, and has previously worked with IOT Solutions World Congress, DeTao Masters Academy, Horizon 2020, The European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things, SmartCities World Advisory Board, Horizon 2020 Project TagItSmart, Sociotal, and In their current role, they are responsible for leading the company’s innovation efforts and working with clients to develop new applications for the internet of things. Rob received his MA in Literature and Languages from Tilburg University, where he specialised in Literary Theory.

Learning outcomes:

  • The importance of implementing zero trust architectures (ZTA).
  • The need for agencies and organizations to adopt a ZTA to include MFA, encryption, continuous monitoring, and more.
  • How these measures protect networks, devices, data, and information systems from the plethora of cyber threats we face.
  • How critical infrastructure has been frequently attacked and targeted by nefarious actors, especially the healthcare industry.
  • How the rise of telemedicine, remote work, and online communications with doctors and healthcare staff leave information systems vulnerable. Thus, implementing a zero-trust approach in healthcare can reduce the risk and impact of security incidents.









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