Morphology Hidden to the Naked Eye, Scanner, and Microscope (1 CME Point)

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3:00 pm Wednesday 26th Apr 2023

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Dr David H. Nguyen, PhD

David Nguyen, PhD, is a cancer biologist turned computational biologist who understands the challenges faced by biomedical scientists who need to quantify the shape of cells and organs for understanding diseases. After 20 years of research, numerous journal publications, and several book publications, he invented spatial algorithms to measure shapes in ways that traditional measures, such as area and volume, cannot detect. He obtained his PhD (Endocrinology) and BA (Molecular Cell Biology) from University of California, Berkeley.


  1. What is the Linearize Compressed Polar Coordinates Transform and how does it measure shapes 1,000X better than area/volume/etc.?
  2. How to capture spatial context in medical images in ways that area/volume/etc. cannot.
  3. How to use anatomical markers in 3D MRI to objectively locate the “same” 2D location in every patient.
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