Risks of chronic inflammation as epigenetic key roles of carcinogenesis (1 CME Point)

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3:00 pm Wednesday 24th May 2023

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Professor Masaharu Seno

Professor Masaharu Seno is a professor emeritus at Okayama University in Japan and is a professor of the laboratory funded by a private company in the university. His Ph.D. was awarded from Osaka University in 1989. He worked for Takeda Chemical Industries from 1981 to 1992 as a researcher. He changed his career to academic at Okayama University in 1992 and visited the US national cancer institute (NCI) in 1995-6 and 2000-1. He studied molecular physiology and cell biology of growth and differentiation with factors such as FGFs and TGFs as well as drug delivery systems targeting cancer. He is currently focusing on the tumor initiation and microenvironment inducing cancer stem cells from normal pluripotent stem cells. Developing novel cancer stem cell models, he tries to make it clear the process of carcinogenesis under cancer inducing niche together with plasticity, metastasis and invasion of cancer stem cells including the development of novel cancer treatments as well. His work was awarded from Kudoh Foundation of Cancer Research in 1993 and from Okayama Foundation for Science and Technology in 1995. He has kept being granted from the government of Japan, especially MEXT, for years.


  • Epigenetic model of cancer initiation.
  • The risk of chronic inflammation.
  • Cancer prevention and/or therapy targeting cancer stem cells.
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