The role of Nutrition in brain health (1 CME Point)

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8:00 pm Tuesday 6th Jun 2023

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Dr Rachel Gow

Rachel is a London-based psychologist specialising in child and adult mental health and has specific expertise in ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety and related learning and behaviour conditions. In addition, Dr. Gow is a Registered Nutritionist and has a Masters of Science in Psychological Research Methods. She has published approximately 22 peer-reviewed book chapters and scientific papers, and her first book ‘Smart Foods for ADHD and Mental Health’ was published in Feb 21.


  • The role of nutrition in brain health.
  • Evidence to support the role of various nutrients in brain health and best evidence-based practice.
  • The latest research regarding trials looking at supplementation.
  • The impact of the gut on serotonin, dopamine, neurogenesis and brain inflammation.
  • The role of omega-3 in depression and ADHD.

Nutritank CPDSO provider number:  50414

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